We are Product Design Sources (www.ProductDesignSources.com). We are an engineering design firm that specializes in military grade equipment design. Our experience with CraigslistAdPostingService.net has been phenomenal! We are an engineering company that has been in business for 25 years. We have used CraigslistAdPostingService.net services for every week for 6 months and they have never failed to deliver. For every $1 we spend with CraigslistAdPostingService.net, we get $10 return on our investment. that’s a phenomenal return on investment.

Craigslist Posting Service Review
Product Design Sources

CraigslistAdPostingService.net has been very reliable with posting ads for me, And they always send me links when i ask them to. I would recommend them to anyone that wants to outsource advertising, its a real time saver.

House Cleaner Craigslist Posting Banner
Sparkle Fresh Cleaning

I started working with adil because I had the experience of being ripped off by another craigslist posting service. At first I was nervous that this was the same thing but I quickly found out that i was wrong. Adil’s professionalism and attention to detail set him apart from every posting service I have ever tried to use.. He was even flexible with the minimums because my business is very small and we did not have a need for hundreds of ads. He was able to figure out A very reasonable rate and since i started working with adil, i couldnt be happier with the service ive been receiving and how beneficial it has been for my business. If you’re reading this and you want craigslist ads posted, this is the site you need to use!!!!

Richard hernandez

Adil and his team are fabulous! The calls and emails I am receiving from his service have overwhelmed me! His service is heads and shoulders better than any other ad service I’ve used. I intend to continue using CraigslistAdPostingService.net long-term. Thanks!


Adil and his team are nothing short of extraordinary. The only reason I’m reluctant to write this review is that I don’t want Adil & team to get too busy to handle my projects!! Seriously though, if you have never worked with a foreign contractor before, Adil will change your mind forever. Be warned though, most foreign contractors will never live up to the precedent as set by Adil and his team. They are motivated to work on advertising for US based companies even though it means having a totally opposite schedule on their end. The English communication is impeccable, the reports are thorough, the team is friendly & funny and most importantly the results are very impressive. I can’t say enough… start using Adil and team and your business will grow.

Steven Craigslist Posting Review
Steven Gurley

Don’t mess with trying to post on craigslist, hire Adil and team they do a great job that is very cost effective. Very responsive and timely in all interactions. Thanks Adil!

Tracie Davis

I used the services of CLAD last month and was pleased with their services. It was not a simple service, they kept my ads on the top, and the cost was reasonable.

L. Hicks